I thought I would share a few items that help me stay organized and organize others. These three products are staples that can be used in various ways and help condense the chaos.

5-Section Premium Acrylic Collator

This acrylic collator is great for a number of things. My favorite way to use it is to organize clutches or small handbags. It is great for keeping thin bags that can’t sit up on their own up right. Not only does this make for a beautiful display, but you are more likely to use what you can see. Another way I like to use it is as a charging station. If you live in a household with multiple devices, phones, tablets, even laptops, this can become the hub for all your charging needs. It is also a great way to store the items when they are not in use. The thing that comes to mind for most people when they see this item is to use it for sorting files or mail and it is great for both of those purposes. Whether you use each section for a different person’s mail or for different categories you are bound to stay organized with the collator in your life.

InterDesign Linus Battery Organizer

Battery containers are underrated in my opinion. How many times has your remote gone out and you have to scramble around looking for batteries in the junk drawer or desk drawer or any drawer for that matter only to find one lone straggler when you know there are more somewhere in the house. Save yourself the frustration and get a battery container. There are a lot of options. Some hold multiple types of batteries and some that hold one type. They also come in different sizes from containers that hold just a few batteries to larger containers that hold over 90 batteries. Whatever your needs you can find the right container.

Laber Maker

A label maker is your best friend. It may seem like an unnecessary step, why can’t I just hand write my folder names you might ask, but I can guarantee it will make life simpler. Having the same clear font, same color, and a high contrast background will make finding that file you are looking for much easier. Your eyes won’t have to work as hard! Scribbled tabs that you’re not really sure what they say can make you want to give up and takes more time out of your already busy day. Speaking of busy, if you are a mom and need help cleaning nothing makes it clearer for kids or significant others where something belongs like a label. The label machine above is inexpensive and user-friendly. I use it for my files as well as spice containers.