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Your home should be your own personal oasis. When you walk in the door do you feel calm or stressed? Clutter and nonfunctional organization can leave you stressed and overwhelmed. Let me create a space for you that feels calm and functions perfectly for you. Organizing is my passion and comes naturally to me. If the thought of decluttering your junk drawer stresses you out, I’m here to help!

Whether you want to work side-by-side or want me to do it all for you, I look forward to helping you make your space an oasis that will work for you!


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That Mess is Causing You Stress!

May 9th, 2019|0 Comments

You may think that clutter around your house doesn’t affect you but that is not the case. Studies show that clutter is associated with life dissatisfaction as well as increased cortisol levels. Cortisol is [...]

A Few of My Favorite Things

April 11th, 2019|0 Comments

I thought I would share a few items that help me stay organized and organize others. These three products are staples that can be used in various ways and help condense the chaos. [...]

happy clients

“Wow, what a difference. Completely Composed decluttered my office space. Now all I do is have Jessica spend a few hours one day a week organizing. This helps me avoid the need for another employee. It also allows me to keep my head on straight to focus on what I do. Thanks, Jessica!”


“Jessica promptly addressed our organizational needs and performed an excellent job at our facility. We couldn’t be happier with her services and greatly appreciate what she did for us.”


“Jessica did a nice job of assisting me with the organization I needed in my closet and home. Her process enabled a simpler way to remain organized, creating more efficiency in the way I live my life!”


“Thank you so much for all you have done to get me organized. As a full time working single mom of two, I can’t thank you enough. I have had other professional organizers in the past, however, you have been the best. I still use the systems you put in place to keep me organized. I want everyone to know that you are an organizational wizard and took what I wanted and needed and exceeded my expectations. You organized my closets, office, playroom and my most precious children’s memoirs better than I could have imagined. I look forward to more projects in the future. Thank you!”


“Jessica was a tremendous help getting us settled into our new home. She helped me move in our master bath, master closet, and kitchen and organized everything better than I could’ve imagined! It was so nice having her help and expertise – she saved me so much time and hassle. Jessica is very pleasant to be around and I look forward to hiring her again for future projects.”


“Jessica has great interpersonal skills, is well-presented and professional. She is intuitive and, therefore, has a deep understanding of the tasks at hand and how to both organize and maintain them. She turns chaos into something manageable. A few days with Jessica and you won’t believe you tried to organize it all by yourself.”


frequently asked questions


I want you to feel comfortable with me and know that I take your privacy very seriously. All client information is confidential.


Please do not go out and purchase any organizing products beforehand. This is one of the last steps of the process and if we have decluttered your needs may change throughout the process. Also, I often like to repurpose items you may already have.

How long does it take?2019-06-20T08:35:02-05:00

Every project is different so it’s hard to answer that question. There are many factors from, size of the space, amount of objects, and your comfort throughout the process. During your free consultation, we can discuss this more.

Should I clean up before?2019-06-20T08:36:34-05:00

No. It is best for me to see how you really use the space. How you use the space is key. I can organize an entire room for you but if it doesn’t function how you need it to, it will be back to cluttered in no time. Do not worry there is no judgment. I promise it is nothing I haven’t seen before. Be proud you are taking a step towards creating a functioning space.

Cost and payment:2019-06-20T08:37:15-05:00

I charge by the hour and payments can be made by cash, check or credit card.


Kindly cancel at least 48 hours before your appointment. Due to the time commitment required of the organizer and client, there is a cancellation fee for all missed appointments. This is determined by the number of hours book for that day.

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